Why put one more blog out there?

My “why” is completely plagiarized from Charles Spurgeon’s predecessor, Rev. James Smith.

I stole it because it captured my heart and my desire for this blog so completely – I had to make it mine.  And since he’s hangin’ in paradise with Jesus, I don’t think he’ll mind.

“It is the opinion of many, that books (or blogs) of this character

cannot be too numerous, or be too widely circulated,

as the taste, even of good men, is so very different.

Besides which, every writer has his own circle,

and every publisher his own connection,

so that, where one will not circulate, another may.

If the object is to lead sinners to the Saviour,

and to bring believers into closer communion with Him,

we may expect the Lord’s blessings

and if the writer knows his own heart,

this is the object in these pages.”

Daily Bible Readings for the Lord’s Household,  James Smith, 1850

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