For God So Loved _______

Happy Thanksgiving! In my prayer time this morning, I asked God to speak to me. I simply said, “What would you like to say to me today?” He answered me quickly and clearly. He spoke John 3:16-17 over me, but instead of saying, “For God so loved the ‘world’ - He said, “For God so … Continue reading For God So Loved _______

What I heard when I just listened…

These words below are what I felt like God said to me this morning. I just put myself before Him, pen and paper in hand, and this is what I heard. If you choose to read on, read slowly, and allow yourself time to absorb whatever God may have for you. I love you. Come … Continue reading What I heard when I just listened…

Old people rock.

Seriously.  Old people rock.  They're awesome. (Well, most of them anyway.  We all know a curmudgeon or two.) The wisdom from their collective experiences is pure gold.  Unfortunately it usually takes a bit of work to mine for that gold.  Lucky for you that I've got some fresh from the quarry, ready to share. A … Continue reading Old people rock.

“next week’s testimony”

I read this on another blog and just loved, loved, loved it!  I couldn't wait to plagiarize it and send it out! Here ya go... The youth minister at my church shared this in passing last night: “May this week be next week’s testimony.” I like that. With all the doom and gloom we get … Continue reading “next week’s testimony”

My story in poem

Here is my story in poem form. It is broken down into four parts, all are included in this one post. Part 1 College was my chance To try life on for size But nothing seemed to fit No matter what I tried Swim team and recycling club Psychology my degree Dead head buds Parties and … Continue reading My story in poem

Don’t bark back.

As a parent, I'm always trying to teach my kids some lesson or another.  We're supposed to, right?  It says so right there on page 36 in the Parenting Manual (page 2 in the Cliff Notes version). But it seems the more I talk, the less they listen. Jesus has many names in the Bible. … Continue reading Don’t bark back.

Can I get a witness?!?

Yesterday I met my neighbor’s dad for the first time, and before I even learned his name he was sharing miracles God did in his life. As a retired pastor, he is still bubbling over with joy in what God has done. I loved, loved, loved how he couldn't keep them to himself!  Once he … Continue reading Can I get a witness?!?