I’m featured on Hometalk! (Aren’t you proud?)

Guess what?  I got my first DIY project published on a cool website called Hometalk!

See the fancy schmancy logo I get to use…

Featured on Hometalk.com

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“ROYgBIV” your closet – just once

Here’s a nugget for when you’re ready to shop for a new outfit.

ROYgBIV your closet.  You’ll have to teleport yourself to your third grade art class to know what that means.

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Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Measuring spoons.

Here’s how I make them fabulous:

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Kid art.

To this very day, my hubby proudly displays our son’s first scribbles on his desk at work.

It’s a beautiful composition of crayon, drool, and applesauce.

Those first pieces are so captivating.  Each one was like seeing the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the very first time…

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