“ROYgBIV” your closet – just once

Here’s a nugget for when you’re ready to shop for a new outfit.

ROYgBIV your closet.  You’ll have to teleport yourself to your third grade art class to know what that means.

ROYgBIV is an acronym for the order of colors of the rainbow:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

My friend who was a buyer for Nordstrom taught me this trick.

Simply re-arrange the clothes in your closet to match the ROYgBIV colors.

BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT – know you only have to do this once.  This isn’t how you need to keep it!  (You can breathe now.)

So for example, start by putting all your red shirts in a row, followed by your orange, then yellow, etc.  There is no black, white, or brown in the rainbow, so either put them at the beginning or the end.  Just group them together.

Once you’re finished, you’ll have an instant (and more accurate) snapshot of your wardrobe.

  1. You’ll see that you already have waaay to many blue shirts – maybe it’s time to get out of that rut…
  2. The “holes” in your wardrobe will stand out – oh, I need a new…
  3. It can keep you from buying the same kind of item over and over again – yikes!  I DON’T need any more of those…

It’s a great tip that has really helped me shop more wisely.

The rainbow is a reminder of God’s promise never to flood the earth again.  And now it can help prevent you from flooding your closet with clothes you don’t need! 😉

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