The Lord knows those who are His

I began my morning soaking in Rest in the Shadow. An amazing new song written by our worship leader and his wife. As the lyrics washed over me, I was reminded of my responsibility to dwell, hold fast, rest, call on Him - and His return promise of refuge and deliverance. Still listening, another voice … Continue reading The Lord knows those who are His

A Mother’s Perspective

If you look in the dictionary under the word worrier, it would simply have a picture of my mom. She spent the entirety of her 75 years on earth in fear and worry, if not for herself, then for those she loved. And that's truly not an exaggeration. Three months before she died, she said … Continue reading A Mother’s Perspective

oops from Rest in the Shadow post

If you don't click over to the blog directly, you won't be able to view the song in Vimeo. Sorry, I didn't know it wouldn't go into your inboxes directly. Here's a link you can try if you are taking the shelter in place seriously and don't want to travel over to my site. Rest … Continue reading oops from Rest in the Shadow post

Rest in the Shadow

Get in your comfy spot, settle in, and get ready to rest. Real rest.    Rest in the Shadow Written for New Hope Church during the COVID-19 Pandemic | San Diego, CA I will dwell - in the shelter - of the Most High I will rest - in the shadow - of the … Continue reading Rest in the Shadow

I’m baaaack…

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I read the following verse this morning and felt like it was God encouraging me to start posting what He's been showing me lately. "Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord:" Psalm 102:18 These posts will mostly be little nuggets. Fewer ingredients … Continue reading I’m baaaack…