Submission displays strength – not weakness

Here’s your nugget for today.  Give it a think!


Does submitting to authority make you weak?

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What your teen is really thinking

Confession:  this post is three parts brag, one part nugget.

My 13-year-old son was getting off the bus from a week long school trip.  He and his bud were walking towards the group of eagerly waiting parents when his friend said to him, “Don’t you hate it when you haven’t seen your mom in a while and she grabs you and hugs you to death.”

My son looked at him and said, “Actually dude, that’s exactly what I want.  I can’t wait to hug her and not let go.”


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“ROYgBIV” your closet – just once

Here’s a nugget for when you’re ready to shop for a new outfit.

ROYgBIV your closet.  You’ll have to teleport yourself to your third grade art class to know what that means.

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“next week’s testimony”

I read this on another blog and just loved, loved, loved it!  I couldn’t wait to plagiarize it and send it out!

Here ya go…

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Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Measuring spoons.

Here’s how I make them fabulous:

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Kids – you won’t always have to obey your parents!!!

Hey Kids!  I’ve got great news for ya.  You won’t always have to obey your parents!

Yuup.  It’s true.  I promise – you’ll be free soon enough.

Hey Parents!  I’ve got terrible news for ya.  You’re kids won’t always have to obey you!

Say what???

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PSA – the hidden dangers of balloon blowing

The following is a true story…

I felt like it was my civic duty to warn the world about the dangers of preparing for your pre-teen’s birthday party.  Hence the following public service announcement.  Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be at risk.

No, it’s not what you might think – The danger doesn’t come from accidentally serving peanuts to the one girl who’s allergic.  Nor does it come from choosing music that is no longer popular.

I am here to warn you that blowing up balloons is seriously dangerous to your health, and may even be LIFE THREATENING!!!

Let me ‘splain…

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