Why video games are “the best”

If you’ve ever wondered why kids are so drawn to video games – wonder no more.  My 13-year-old son is here to tell you the answer with a poem he wrote for school:

Video games are the best.

When you see the controller waiting

for you like a piece of chocolate.

Not knowing what game to play.

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Writer’s block

I don’t know how long one has to write before they can consider themselves ‘a writer.’ But since I am experiencing writer’s block, I guess I’ll just go with it.

Thankfully a dead guy spoke to me about it during my reading this morning.

And I think I’m gonna put my pen down and listen… Continue reading

Don’t bark back.

As a parent, I’m always trying to teach my kids some lesson or another.  We’re supposed to, right?  It says so right there on page 36 in the Parenting Manual (page 2 in the Cliff Notes version).

But it seems the more I talk, the less they listen.

Jesus has many names in the Bible.  Rabbi is one that I often forget.  It means teacher.

So after my kids had yet another conflict (which resulted in an episode of R.A.W. in our living room),  I decided to let God be the teacher for once. Continue reading

Kid art.

To this very day, my hubby proudly displays our son’s first scribbles on his desk at work.

It’s a beautiful composition of crayon, drool, and applesauce.

Those first pieces are so captivating.  Each one was like seeing the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the very first time…

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Boring is underrated.

“Boring is underrated.” Continue reading

Can I get a witness?!?

Yesterday I met my neighbor’s dad for the first time, and before I even learned his name he was sharing miracles God did in his life. As a retired pastor, he is still bubbling over with joy in what God has done.

I loved, loved, loved how he couldn’t keep them to himself!  Once he made a list for all to read of 22 miracles – testimonies of God supernaturally moving mountains on behalf of his family. Continue reading

Wonderful Word for a New Year

Plagiarism is so much easier in 2016.  All you have to do is cut and paste.

Here’s some awesome words for the new year I stole from a dead guy.   But don’t look at me, the Christian History Institute (who steal from dead guys and gals for a living) took it first. Continue reading

How to know if it’s time to shed a few pounds??

How do you know it’s time to shed a few pounds?

When your teenage son starts poking at your double chin, fascinated as he watches the fat swaying in the sunlight. Continue reading