Don’t take my word for it

A plea from a pastor's heart that I stole to make my own... "The Christian must take special care that he do not suffer himself to be led away from the Word of God by the many manuals (blogs!) which in our days are seeing the light. These books will have this result - whenever … Continue reading Don’t take my word for it

Unstoppable. And a thank you to our military. Happy Memorial Day!

My fifth grade sweetie wrote her promotion speech on the topic of what it means to be unstoppable. It is a beautiful tribute to her elementary years, as well as an unexpected thank you to our military.  The impact of their service is boundless.  Thank you!!! What does unstoppable mean to me? It means that … Continue reading Unstoppable. And a thank you to our military. Happy Memorial Day!

How to be original.

I think you'll enjoy chewing on this nugget for a while. No need for my commentary.  This quote has enough meat to stand on its own. (But I did need to comment and tell you that there was no need for more comments.) "The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity." ~ Thomas … Continue reading How to be original.

“next week’s testimony”

I read this on another blog and just loved, loved, loved it!  I couldn't wait to plagiarize it and send it out! Here ya go... The youth minister at my church shared this in passing last night: “May this week be next week’s testimony.” I like that. With all the doom and gloom we get … Continue reading “next week’s testimony”

“I’m on your side.” ~ Pastor Dan

"I'm on your side." Are these words for... 1.  Picking dodgeball teams?   Nope. 2.  Political endorsement?   Nope. 3.  Hiding behind the dude with the bigger muscles?   Wrong again. These four little words simply contain the best parenting advice I have ever received. My friend and previous pastor Dan shared these words in … Continue reading “I’m on your side.” ~ Pastor Dan

Fernando says…

This quote needs a little time travel back to the 80's (and a sense of humor).  Thankfully my friends at YouTube have made that pretty painless. Fernando says..."It's better to look good than to feel good." When you read that, if you don't instantly see Billy Crystal in his smoking jacket on SNL in your … Continue reading Fernando says…

George MacDonald – beauty

"I would rather be what God would choose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; ~ for to have been thought about, born in God's thought, and then made by God, ~ is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking." ~~~ ~ George MacDonald

Writer’s block

I don't know how long one has to write before they can consider themselves 'a writer.' But since I am experiencing writer's block, I guess I'll just go with it. Thankfully a dead guy spoke to me about it during my reading this morning. And I think I'm gonna put my pen down and listen... … Continue reading Writer’s block

Boring is underrated.

"Boring is underrated." This was a favorite quote of a man in our home group. In theory, I would say I got what he meant.  It would spark in me at least a few moments of appreciation after I thought about it.  I could even sing along to Weird Al Yankovic's "First World Problems" with … Continue reading Boring is underrated.

Wonderful Word for a New Year

Plagiarism is so much easier in 2016.  All you have to do is cut and paste. Here's some awesome words for the new year I stole from a dead guy.   But don't look at me, the Christian History Institute (who steal from dead guys and gals for a living) took it first. "January 1, … Continue reading Wonderful Word for a New Year