My story in poem

Here is my story in poem form.
It is broken down into four parts, all are included in this one post.

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Solution to California’s drought

During a class on problem solving, my 5th grade daughter had an inspired idea how to end California’s drought.  I thought it was deserving enough to be considered by the entire internet community.

Her solution is to have everyone in California stop taking showers and spritz themselves with Febreze instead.

I really think she may be on to something.

Excuse me while I go buy some stock…

“I’m on your side.” ~ Pastor Dan

“I’m on your side.”

Are these words for…

1.  Picking dodgeball teams?   Nope.

2.  Political endorsement?   Nope.

3.  Hiding behind the dude with the bigger muscles?   Wrong again.

These four little words simply contain the best parenting advice I have ever received.

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3 Ingredient Blender Pancakes

1 Cup Greek yogurt (I used blended)

2 Large eggs

1 Cup rolled oats

Put in blender.  Push button.  Pour on griddle!


Snagged this one from Katie Lee in Family Circle.  Just made them for the fam this morning.  Yum-o.

PS – if you like a thinner pancake, just add a splash of milk.

PPS – they hold fruit really well.  I added blueberries and nanners.

Fernando says…

This quote needs a little time travel back to the 80’s (and a sense of humor).  Thankfully my friends at YouTube have made that pretty painless.

Fernando says…”It’s better to look good than to feel good.”

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