Christmas Cards – in April!

April 25 seems like a good time as any to take down last year's Christmas cards. And an even better time to blog about them! (Come on - I know I'm not the only one who still has them hanging up somewhere in the house...) If I can blog about Christmas on the fourth of July, why … Continue reading Christmas Cards – in April!

Your fireplace – sans fire!

Unless you live with Santa in the North Pole, I'm guessing your fireplace in the summer is like mine - nothing but a boring dust collector. I'm gonna show you how to make it fabulous in hot weather without the hot flames! Fill your fireplace with wood as if you're getting ready to start a … Continue reading Your fireplace – sans fire!

Got teens who got zits? Get white.

You and your bank account will thank me for this one.  Trust me. If you or anyone in your household struggles with the occasional facial anomaly,  you immediately need to switch your sheets and towels to all white.  (Don't worry, you can still use them after Labor Day. Emily Post and I approve.) I have found … Continue reading Got teens who got zits? Get white.

I’m featured on Hometalk! (Aren’t you proud?)

Guess what?  I got my first DIY project published on a cool website called Hometalk! See the fancy schmancy logo I get to use... It's a DIY tutorial hub that I've been mooching ideas from.  It's a great way to get lost for a few minutes (ahem, hours).  Here's the link to my first entry... … Continue reading I’m featured on Hometalk! (Aren’t you proud?)

Got a celebration? Get balloons – skip the helium.

Everyone knows that when balloons show up on the scene, there's something worth celebrating. I'm going to show you two fabulous ways to use them. But first, you really should read my PSA of the hidden dangers of balloon blowing.  It's not a plug for my blog.  It's a real warning of yet another thing for my … Continue reading Got a celebration? Get balloons – skip the helium.

Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Measuring spoons. Here's how I make them fabulous: There's no need to keep them attached together as a set. Pick up a set every time you're at the dollar store and take them off the ring.  Stick them in a cute container and you always have the size you need, even if one or two … Continue reading Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Kid art.

To this very day, my hubby proudly displays our son's first scribbles on his desk at work. It's a beautiful composition of crayon, drool, and applesauce. Those first pieces are so captivating.  Each one was like seeing the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the very first time... until the rabbit started … Continue reading Kid art.