Got a celebration? Get balloons – skip the helium.

Everyone knows that when balloons show up on the scene, there’s something worth celebrating.

I’m going to show you two fabulous ways to use them.

But first, you really should read my PSA of the hidden dangers of balloon blowing.  It’s not a plug for my blog.  It’s a real warning of yet another thing for my fellow hypochondriacs to be afraid of.

(Hey – why are you still reading?  You’re supposed to click on the link and read my other post first.  Sheesh.)

Neither of these ideas use helium.  Why not?  Because I’m cheap.  And I came up with these ideas cause I didn’t have any. You just have to suck it up like I did (or rather blow it out), use your hot air, and get to work.

Once you have a bunch of balloons blown up (and you checked that your face is still the same size as when you started), tie a ribbon about 12 inches long to the end.  Grab some tape, a step stool, and some Advil for your pending neck cramps…


Voila!  Balloons taped to the ceiling.  Instant party atmosphere sans helium.

And thank you for complimenting my lovely forehead. This selfie was the only picture I had to show y’all of how cool it makes the room look (the balloons, not my forehead.  Although it does add a certain charm in the right light…).

Here’s the second idea.  And yes, you have to blow up a bunch more balloons. I promise it’s worth it when you see what to do with them.

Once you have about a zillion blown up, put them in 30 gallon trash bags and hide them from the person you want to bless. (Undoubtedly the hardest part of this entire project.)

Wait for them to fall asleep, put on your ninja mask, and go get your trash bags.

Slowly open the door, confirm they are in never-never land, and simply dump the balloons into the person’s bedroom. The more balloons you have the better this turns out.



When they wake up in the morning, their room is filled with balloons.  My son loved waking up to this (after he confirmed to himself that he wasn’t still dreaming). He sat in his bed for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get out of his room!

Here’s to happy (and safe!) balloon blowing!

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