Got teens who got zits? Get white.

You and your bank account will thank me for this one.  Trust me.

If you or anyone in your household struggles with the occasional facial anomaly,  you immediately need to switch your sheets and towels to all white.  (Don’t worry, you can still use them after Labor Day. Emily Post and I approve.)

I have found that even with the most careful face rinsing, my towels and sheets were getting ugly bleach marks from benzoyl peroxide creams and soaps.

So what goes perfect together (besides NJ and you?) – bleach and white linens.  So they are already a match made in heaven.

I recommend buying them in bulk from Costco.  Cheap and abundant.  Why yet another perfect pairing!  I’m sensing a theme here…

The only flaw in my system is the hand towel.  The white hand towel.  The white hand towel and kids.  The white hand towel and dirty kids.  The white hand towel with dirty kids who have just “washed” their hands clean.  The white hand towel with dirty kids who now have “clean” hands and have dried them on the white towel.  The white hand towel which is now brown.

Which brings me full circle back to Costco – cheap and abundant.  Need I say more?

2 thoughts on “Got teens who got zits? Get white.

  1. love your post…:-) Actually, Tom and I have stopped buying hand towels except for a few decorative ones for guests….cause we don’t use them.

    I know Nave is a dog but he has been a member of our family for almost 13 years. Would you please pray for vet appt tomorrow Friday for Nave? He started to not eat and will only eat by me hand feeding him but is also eating less He otherwise “seems” ok…playing, etc only older. The “not eating” started before we came home from our trip and thankfully she hand fed him. Please pray for God’s wisdom for the vet who is great and for Tom and I and for Nave! Thank you! 🐾



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