Frugal Friday

So it’s Friday.  And I’m feeling frugal.  Hence the title.

I have discovered the two secret ingredients that lead to great innovation:
an empty bank account and laziness.

Think about it.

The inventor of the remote control?  Come on.  That dude did not set out to change the world – he just didn’t want to get off his butt to change the channel.

So I confess the same.  The future ideas for Frugal Friday that I will share with y’all were inspired because I was being stingy thrifty.  Or I just wanted more time to chill on the couch. So should that be Frumpy Friday? Or Fritter-away Friday? Or should I just wait a day and call it Slothful Saturday.  Hmmmm.  I’ll give it a tink and get back to ya.

I’ve been perusing lots of DIY websites, and they all include a lot of pictures. And because this idea is soooo complex, I’m going to show you, in detail, how to do this Fantastically Frugal Friday Feat.

Go get a green and yellow kitchen sponge.  Ya know, the kind with the scrubby on one side and smoothie on the other (just don’t drink it). Then get a cute pair of scissors.  If they’re ugly, throw them out and go get a fun pair.  I’ll wait.


Now here comes the really hard part – cut (using only cute scissors) one sponge into three!  I’m including lots of detailed pictures to help.



I must confess that this project didn’t start because of frugaling or frittering. I simply find that the smaller sponges fit better in my hand and get into the creases of my pots and pans better.  And then I can toss them when they start to get schmengy.


Now friends, go fritter away your fabulous Friday!

(This was featured on Hometalk!  brag, brag)

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3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday

  1. And kids love helping their parents especially when they are young. No issues with this here. All my 4 kids and now grandkids help around all the time. From laundry, washing up, yard work and painting. It’s called love skill chores hahahahaha


    1. Love skills! That’s fantastic! Because that’s really what it is now that I think about it. When our kids learn to do these things and put them into practice, it is love in action. I’m gonna mooch that. Thanks for visiting!


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