Old people rock.

Seriously.  Old people rock.  They’re awesome. (Well, most of them anyway.  We all know a curmudgeon or two.)

The wisdom from their collective experiences is pure gold.  Unfortunately it usually takes a bit of work to mine for that gold.  Lucky for you that I’ve got some fresh from the quarry, ready to share.

A remarkable woman named Virginia shared “some ideas that have blessed her life” when she turned 90 years of age.  She was honored on her birthday and given a chance to pass on her wisdom to our ladies Bible Study.  I wanted to share her nuggets with the world (that’s you!).

I’ll only comment on the first two.  Those are the ones that have impacted me the most.

#1 –  Make peace with reality

Virginia was married for almost 70 years when her beloved husband died.  She realized nothing she did could bring him back.  So she could drown in her sorrow or continue on with life in her new reality. Making that choice honored her husband and helped her make a wonderful life in her new reality.

#2 –  Make love your aim. Remember I too, need love.  When calling myself names (like dummy) I can remember that God loves me.  I can instead say to myself “Sweetheart” your mistakes are your totality.

After I heard her say that, I realized how often I called myself stupid, or idiot.  I am a child of God.  A daughter of the King of Kings.  I am not my own.  I have been bought with a great price.  I should not say those things about any of His children.  Myself included.

#3 –  When faced with temptation, flee if necessary.  Yell or even whisper “FIRE”!

#4 –  I can choose my response.  I have a choice.

#5 –  Be slow to chide and swift to bless.

#6 –  Make gratitude and thanksgiving a daily part of your life.

#7 –  Read some good old books and sincerely pray some old prayers.

#8 –  Before you get out of  bed in the morning, thank God for a new day and for His presence with you in the day.

#9 –  Trust God and lean not on you own understanding.

Amen Virginia!  Thanks for unearthing these treasures and giving them to us so we can be rich in wisdom like you.


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4 thoughts on “Old people rock.

  1. Great, Mer. When you said old, I thought you would be talking about the 70 plus crowd. This women makes me feel like a youngster. I only hope I am as sharp and positive as she is if I make it to 90.


    1. Yeah, I guess “old” is relative.

      Recently I went to Ross and was checking out my purchases (new Sanuk flip flops for $6.99 – holla!) and the cashier said the unthinkable to me, “Are you wanting the Senior discount?”

      I looked at her in disbelief. “Did she mean senior in high school?” I wondered. So I asked her what she meant.

      Without missing a beat she said, “Tuesday is Ross’ senior citizen discount day. You didn’t mention it so I was wondering if you wanted it.”


      After a few very long moments with my jaw on the ground, I asked her if she was serious, and even proudly let her know that I still get carded. She replied that she wasn’t entirely sure, she figured she’d ask.

      That didn’t make me feel any better.

      I know that the Bible says that outwardly we are wasting away, but I still figured I had a few more years left until that really came into play!


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