Kid art.

To this very day, my hubby proudly displays our son’s first scribbles on his desk at work.

It’s a beautiful composition of crayon, drool, and applesauce.

Those first pieces are so captivating.  Each one was like seeing the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the very first time…

until the rabbit started multiplying.

Before I knew it, we were  buried under an avalanche of our kid’s creativity.  I kinda expected that.  What I didn’t expect was their insistence on having each piece on display.

Here’s a suggestion for displaying these little Picassos that won’t make you feel like you’re still at the preschool when you’re in your own kitchen.

The inside doors of kitchen cabinets is prime real estate that usually goes untapped.  I have found it the perfect platform to display my kid’s art.


I open my cabinets countless times each day, so their hard work has ample opportunity to receive ooohs and aaaahs.

And here comes the best part…

You get to close the cabinets!

So pass out the crayons and enjoy the magic – both the magic of creation and the vanishing act to follow!

2 thoughts on “Kid art.

  1. I just found home talk and I love it I hope yours is one of the things I saw I’m so excited to see if it’s you but I don’t want to leave your page to check! LOL


    1. Glad you stopped by to say hello! I love Hometalk too. It’s a wonderful place. I look forward to their emails every day!


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