Boring is underrated.

“Boring is underrated.”

This was a favorite quote of a man in our home group.

In theory, I would say I got what he meant.  It would spark in me at least a few moments of appreciation after I thought about it.  I could even sing along to Weird Al Yankovic’s “First World Problems” with more conviction.

Then along comes a little thing called the stomach flu.

Presto.  Instant awakening.  I knew what he meant.

When I emerged today (six days later mind you), I was in love with my boring little life again.

  • Ahhh, the glory of picking up dirty underwear – again.
  • The beauty of refereeing livingroom WWE – again.
  • The joy of cleaning up the olive oil I spilled on the floor – (yup, again).

Those mundane tasks took on an amazing amount of enjoyment for me today.  Firstly because I was no longer horizontal with my head in a bucket.  Secondly because I was no longer horizontal with my head in a bucket!

I pray you enjoy your boring today!

One thought on “Boring is underrated.

  1. “Boring”….So true.
    And be “down” enough times (be it sickness, surgeries, or just a frenzied sorta day), that truthfulness clings closely.
    I’m enjoying east coast winter boring. I just took an afternoon nap on this cold, rainy, “boring” afternoon. Sweet!
    For, in a couple short months, come spring, my “guilty for not being outside on this beautiful day” feelings will pop up along with all the tulips!


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