Christmas Cards – in April!

April 25 seems like a good time as any to take down last year's Christmas cards. And an even better time to blog about them! (Come on - I know I'm not the only one who still has them hanging up somewhere in the house...) If I can blog about Christmas on the fourth of July, why … Continue reading Christmas Cards – in April!

Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Measuring spoons. Here's how I make them fabulous: There's no need to keep them attached together as a set. Pick up a set every time you're at the dollar store and take them off the ring.  Stick them in a cute container and you always have the size you need, even if one or two … Continue reading Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Kid art.

To this very day, my hubby proudly displays our son's first scribbles on his desk at work. It's a beautiful composition of crayon, drool, and applesauce. Those first pieces are so captivating.  Each one was like seeing the magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the very first time... until the rabbit started … Continue reading Kid art.