Home Organization Idea – kitchen

Measuring spoons.

Here’s how I make them fabulous:



There’s no need to keep them attached together as a set.

Pick up a set every time you’re at the dollar store and take them off the ring.  Stick them in a cute container and you always have the size you need, even if one or two are in the dishwasher.

I try to make sure I have several of the more common sizes, and then at least one of 1/8 teaspoon size, one of 1/2 Tablespoon size, and finally one of 1-1/2 teaspoon size.

Head’s up before you buy: look at the base of the measuring spoon and make sure it has a small-ish hole for the ring.  If you buy a set that has a large opening at the base, it will get jammed with the other spoons.  When you pull one out, you’ll get a gnarly bunch instead.

I also do the same for my measuring cups.  Who knew you’d be getting a two-for-one special today?


Bonus: There’s also a hidden nugget of geniusness in one of the pictures. I’ll give you a sec to take a look and see if you can figure it out…

( 🎶 Hum the Jeopardy theme song in your head here 🎶 )

It’s in the first picture.  Take a look at the non-stick cooking spray.  The lid is missing. Did I loose it?  Nope.  It’s gone to the recycler to be reincarnated into a new hairbrush or a hamster tube.

Why is that a good idea?  I’m glad you asked.

I am a VERY messy cook.  When I reach for the spray, my hands are usually covered in some kind of cooking goo.  Trying to take off and replace a lid with slippy hands just doesn’t seem like one more thing I need to deal with while I’m trying to feed my peeps (who are usually squawking in the background for their dinner).

So there you have it.  THREE nuggets to nourish your home organization.

Bam.  Mike drop.  You’re welcome.

(This was featured on Hometalk!  brag, brag)

Featured on Hometalk.com

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