Why video games are “the best”

If you’ve ever wondered why kids are so drawn to video games – wonder no more.  My 13-year-old son is here to tell you the answer with a poem he wrote for school:

Video games are the best.

When you see the controller waiting

for you like a piece of chocolate.

Not knowing what game to play.


The excitement of unlocking a new power

At level 13.

The happiness when you reach

the Boss battle. Only to have

your dreams crushed when the Boss

beats you with one hit and you

have to start all over again.


The frustration in your eyes as you were

So close, so close. So you

Do it again, and you face the

Boss once more and this time you win!


So when you go to school the next day

people talk about the game. You say “I beat

it yesterday so easy.” Then people say

you’re the king of video games.


That’s why video games are the best.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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