Even Jesus made His bed

Hello readers.  I know you come to this blog because of my deep spiritual insights (not that I would ever say that about myself, but it is widely known around the world that others say that about me). I had yet another life-altering revelation this morning as I was reading the Word of God. You … Continue reading Even Jesus made His bed

Resume for ‘Mommy’

Wondering where I've been for the past month? I got a job! After 13 years of being a professional daytime TV watcher (aka stay-at-home-mom), it's time to bring home the bacon. I don't think I'll fry it up in a pan though.  Too much grease.  I'll microwave it surrounded by paper towels to absorb the … Continue reading Resume for ‘Mommy’

Moms and Dads – your words are sticky.

"Blah, blah, blah. Are you listening?"  Head nod.  "Blah, blah, blah..." That's what I heard when my parents were trying to teach me a lesson when I was a kid. Now that I'm a parent, I'm pretty sure that's how my wonderful words of wisdom get translated in their heads as well.  My words go … Continue reading Moms and Dads – your words are sticky.

Submission displays strength – not weakness

Here's your nugget for today.  Give it a think!   Does submitting to authority make you weak? TV wants you to think so.  Your flesh wants you to think so.  In fact, the Devil himself is working overtime to convince us this is true. But what submission really shows is your strength on display. Our … Continue reading Submission displays strength – not weakness

What your teen is really thinking

Confession:  this post is three parts brag, one part nugget. My 13-year-old son was getting off the bus from a week long school trip.  He and his bud were walking towards the group of eagerly waiting parents when his friend said to him, "Don't you hate it when you haven't seen your mom in a … Continue reading What your teen is really thinking

Kids – you won’t always have to obey your parents!!!

Hey Kids!  I've got great news for ya.  You won't always have to obey your parents! Yuup.  It's true.  I promise - you'll be free soon enough. Hey Parents!  I've got terrible news for ya.  You're kids won't always have to obey you! Say what??? Yuup. It's true.  They won't be under your authority for … Continue reading Kids – you won’t always have to obey your parents!!!

“I’m on your side.” ~ Pastor Dan

"I'm on your side." Are these words for... 1.  Picking dodgeball teams?   Nope. 2.  Political endorsement?   Nope. 3.  Hiding behind the dude with the bigger muscles?   Wrong again. These four little words simply contain the best parenting advice I have ever received. My friend and previous pastor Dan shared these words in … Continue reading “I’m on your side.” ~ Pastor Dan

Parenting lessons from a cartoon? Yup.

  Comic: Pardon My Planet, by Vic Lee Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc. 9-12-2015

Why video games are “the best”

If you've ever wondered why kids are so drawn to video games - wonder no more.  My 13-year-old son is here to tell you the answer with a poem he wrote for school: Video games are the best. When you see the controller waiting for you like a piece of chocolate. Not knowing what game … Continue reading Why video games are “the best”

Don’t bark back.

As a parent, I'm always trying to teach my kids some lesson or another.  We're supposed to, right?  It says so right there on page 36 in the Parenting Manual (page 2 in the Cliff Notes version). But it seems the more I talk, the less they listen. Jesus has many names in the Bible. … Continue reading Don’t bark back.