The Lord knows those who are His

I began my morning soaking in Rest in the Shadow. An amazing new song written by our worship leader and his wife.

As the lyrics washed over me, I was reminded of my responsibility to dwell, hold fast, rest, call on Him – and His return promise of refuge and deliverance.

Still listening, another voice joined the chorus – an evil one. The enemy twisted these beautiful words and began using them against me:

“What if I don’t dwell in His shelter?”

“What if I can’t hold fast to His love?”

“What if I don’t make Him my refuge?”

I went from peaceful worship to full-on panic, all in a single moment.

As I stood there, gripped by fear of not being able to find my way into His shelter, God spoke His Word to my heart,

“The Lord knows those who are His.” – 2 Timothy 2:19

I don’t need to find my way to Him. He has already found me. He sees me. He knows me. Right where I am.

Even if I don’t dwell in the shelter of the Most High, or rest in the shadow of the Almighty God – He puts me there – and keeps me there. Because I am His. I am sealed. I am marked. I am chosen.

Even when my heart – or the enemy – tells me otherwise.


2 Timothy Chapter 2 & Numbers 16 (for further encouragement in this truth)



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