Happy 4th of July – turn on the Christmas music!

Happy Independence Day America!

What goes better with July 4th celebrations than Christmas music?


Well duh – probably everything else you can think of other than Christmas music.

Now before you think I’ve hit the Founder’s Day punch a little early, there’s actually a method to my madness (this time). Go unearth your Christmas CDs and get ready to listen.

If you got out Jingle Bells, please put it away and come back with Away in a Manger or Silent Night.  We won’t be needing that one horse open sleigh today.

Hang on friends, here comes your nugget…

Summer (or anytime other than Christmas) is a great time to play – and really listen – to our beloved Christmas carols.

Because most of us have sung these songs every year since we were born, they can lose their meaning in the hectic mess -ness of Christmas.  They just become familiar background noises associated with the season.

When I listen to these carols outside the Christmas season, they feel entirely different.  It gives them a freshness which allows me to really absorb the words.  I have found it to be a wonderful time of worship and thankfulness – the intended response to these songs.

So give it a try.  “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” and let’s give glory to our newborn King!

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