Constant Connection

8:10 am – started writing what I was hearing:

I’m glad you’ve put yourself before Me. Thank you for letting Me quiet you and letting Me speak to you. I am a good Father who loves and longs to speak with His children, just like any parent. The difference is I am not a man – I don’t get “sick” of your chatter. I never need a break from you or any of My children. They are all My beloved. And I love to be with all of them, all the time.

Take note of this process. I want to slowly lead you into hearing My Voice so you can lead others. I love and long to speak to My children. I never intended to create a world, populate it with people and animals, and never interact with it again.

I am a relational God. It is who I am in My nature. Three in One. Always communicating. All hands connected. Each of my hands touch each person in the Godhead all the time.

I am the Word.

Words always speak.

They always communicate.

There will never be a word that doesn’t say something, that has no meaning. Then it wouldn’t be a word by definition. There are different languages, and you may not understand all of them. But I know how to make Myself understood in a language you understand. From the smallest child to the most learned among you.

10:15 am – left for a few hours to work and came back to my private time with God:

Welcome back. You may have felt like you left but no connection was broken when you headed back to work until you came back to Me to continue your “prayer time.”

I want to teach you how to hear My Voice in the quiet spaces, as well as when you move out of this space dedicated to Me and go into your day.

Keep coming. Keep knocking. Keep listening. I will teach you and you WILL learn. My ability to teach you supersedes your perceived “inability” to learn. I will make Myself known to you, simply because you asked.

Your hand never actually hits the door when you knock. The door was open to you the moment you received My salvation and My righteousness on your behalf. I want you to lift up your hand to knock. I want you to initiate coming to Me. Yet always remember I came to you first. I called your name before you were even born.

That is how we are as a Godhead. Always initiating, always responding – never a break in Our connection – not ever. And it is the same way with you. You may get up and leave from your quiet time with Me, but our connection isn’t broken, just your current awareness may be.

That is what I want to teach you. Constant connection with Me. Start with our private time together. Then get up and I will teach you how to maintain your awareness and communion with Me throughout your day. This is what I long for with all My children.


Test everything. Please.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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