His.story = Our Story

Yes, I referenced a movie when we spoke yesterday. Pop culture. I speak in a language you will understand. A language of your culture. Just like I have spoken to all My children over the course of His.story.

You have seen people take the word History and break it up to say it’s His.story. This is not just “His” story. This is our story. Yours and Mine. The story of love in creation.

It’s the story of a God who is love. Whose essence is love. Love within Himself as the Godhead. And out of that love and communion and fellowship We have together, We made man and woman in Our image. A continuation of that love. A continuation of our story. A multiplication.

Look at the world I created. Plants and trees with seeds to reproduce, to multiply. I created animals to reproduce, to multiply.

I created male and female humans, in My image, to glorify Me, to love Me, and to multiply themselves and multiply My love. To multiply My ways, and My plans and My purposes in the earth. To continue our story.


What say you? I'd really like to know!

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