Communion – time to see it again

Over the summer God gave me an invitation to take Communion. Only this time, I wasn’t to wait for the monthly rotation in the Sunday service. I felt Him draw me to take Communion daily, in the privacy of my room, alone with Him.

Armed with only a pretzel stick and pomegranate juice, I began this daily practice.

I looked up the familiar verses we read each time Communion is offered. As I did so day after day, God took words I could recite in my sleep and began to give them fresh meaning. Deep meaning. Life-altering meaning.

After an entire summer of this daily practice, I was given the privilege to lead Communion and share publically what I had been experiencing with the Lord in private. Now I’d like to post these here for you, one nugget at a time.

Stay tuned…

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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