For God So Loved _______

Happy Thanksgiving! In my prayer time this morning, I asked God to speak to me. I simply said, “What would you like to say to me today?” He answered me quickly and clearly. He spoke John 3:16-17 over me, but instead of saying, “For God so loved the ‘world’ - He said, “For God so … Continue reading For God So Loved _______

Thank You Lord.

Thank you Lord for bearing down. Thank you Lord for sharing Your crown. Thank you Lord for fixing Your eyes. Thank you Lord for choosing me as Your prize. Thank you Lord for being willing to kill, the animals in Genesis You called good. You took their life and skinned their hide, To cover us … Continue reading Thank You Lord.

All Things Are Yours

A book I'm reading published in 1892 had a single line in bold - ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. Seeing it stand alone like that caused me to stop and consider the meaning. Could it really be true? ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. Could it really be that simple? ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. Wanting to dig further … Continue reading All Things Are Yours

Is Truth Flexible?

If you're anything like me, the mere question fills you with an immediate and intense rebuttal declaring the supremacy of absolute truth. But what if truth can be absolute and flexible at the same time? Before you swipe left, let's give this a think together. I've been studying the armor of God, taking long deep … Continue reading Is Truth Flexible?

WWJD – it’s the wrong question

The first ending of my previous post Even Jesus made His bed was "WWJD? - now you know." The intent of my blog is not to ruffle feathers. I would much rather give you tips on how to style those feathers into a decoration for your home. But this is important enough that I'm going to … Continue reading WWJD – it’s the wrong question

I love a good play on words.  I am my father's daughter after all. Normally word plays make me chuckle.  But this one caught me by surprise and got me thinking... I was asking God to forgive me for something, and I was feeling so grateful for a second chance.  After I asked God to "forgive-me," my … Continue reading

Moving Sidewalks

I love the moving sidewalks at the airport.  Not only do I zip to my destination, but I have this sense of superiority as I blow past the people walking in the same direction I am.  "Eat my dust suckers!"  (Yeah, I know, real mature.) But I really do wonder why they would choose to … Continue reading Moving Sidewalks

“next week’s testimony”

I read this on another blog and just loved, loved, loved it!  I couldn't wait to plagiarize it and send it out! Here ya go... The youth minister at my church shared this in passing last night: “May this week be next week’s testimony.” I like that. With all the doom and gloom we get … Continue reading “next week’s testimony”