I love a good play on words.  I am my father’s daughter after all.

Normally word plays make me chuckle.  But this one caught me by surprise and got me thinking…

I was asking God to forgive me for something, and I was feeling so grateful for a second chance.  After I asked God to “forgive-me,” my very next words to Him were, “Thank you for-giving-me another chance.”

It was one of those moments where I stopped in my tracks (quite literally in this instance ’cause I was walking on my treadmill).

“Forgiving me” = “” – another chance.  Forgiveness is not only God wiping the slate clean of our offense, but it enables us to rise and try again.

But my thinking of thoughts didn’t stop there.  I was struck by my immediate go-to use of the phrase “second chance.”  As if God would only give me one more.

And that gave rise to more thoughts – if He gave me a “second chance,” would I get a third?  Or a fourth?  Was there and end to those chances?

Thankfully no.  The Bible is clear that when Jesus went to the cross and died for our sins, His work was finished. Our forgiveness was there for the asking. Once and for all.

So I breathed a sigh of relief and started up my treadmill again.  Only to have those nagging thoughts come back…

“Second chance.”

Okay brain, we’ve just established that there isn’t and end to the number of chances we get.

My brain responded, “A second chance to do what?   Get it right?

Like that’s ever gonna happen.

Drats.  Now what.  Time to think more thoughts…

…stay tuned for part 2 of Moi’s thinking of thoughts

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  1. OK. You win and I win. That’s WIN-WIN. I finally actually clicked on and prowled around you blog. Thanks for the K-in-B. Now what? I don’t want to live and breathe in the blogosphere. I like it here in real reality, with my feet on the ground and mindful of what’s going on in and around me. THANKS for being a voice for truth and love.


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