Don’t study Me, be with Me

Good morning. I’m glad you heard Me remind you again to just come. Don’t study Me – be with Me – and let Me be with you.

Your time with Me is not just for you to be filled/fueled up to start your day. I don’t want to be a gas station where you come whenever your tank is low and drive off after you’re full. I want a relationship with you. When you remain in Me, you are connected to a constant source of supply.

When you open your Bible, don’t read it as a book about Me. Don’t open it to study Me. This is a book full of life. My life. There is life in these words because I am the Word. It is living and active. Come to My Word to be with Me, to be anchored in who I am. In heaven you won’t need a written copy of My word. Because My word will be fully realized in you.

You can still read My word and spend time with Me that way. Remember I want to interact with you while you read it. Just like last night when you were watching that nature show and noticed one of the animals. You admired it’s features and it’s uniqueness. And that brought you joy – just admiring this animal.

But when you brought Me into that moment and remembered I not only created that creature, I chose every feature of it’s little face, put them exactly in those places you see. I know every hair on it’s little body. You remembered this was Me on display. Demonstrating My power, creativity, and wisdom to put this creature in that eco-system so it fulfills the purpose for which I created it.

Reflect on the difference from admiring something in creation, to bringing Me into it with you. The depth of intimacy in that moment of transition where I was invited into your thoughts, that is what I want you to experience with Me when you read your Bible. Bring Me into it with you.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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