Why walk when you can fly?

Watched a large crow outside my window, walking along the narrow brick ledge about a foot off the ground. His walking was slow and seemed quite cumbersome. I wondered why would he choose to walk so far when he could just fly to his destination in a flash.

As I was thinking about all the time this silly bird was wasting, I saw him hop off the ledge and walk under a nearby bush. He emerged with a mouth full of food.

And that’s when it hit me. He never would have seen that food from the air. He needed to slow down to notice what he would otherwise miss.

God continued to speak to me and showed me there are times I will soar with Him. But in this season, He wants me to slow down and turn my macro focus of Him into a micro one.

It reminded me of a word I heard James Goll share about what he believed God was doing in this season:

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14

The earth will be filled, but it will happen as each of us bring His glory to our individual spheres of influence. As we take each small moment of each day to bring His glory forth. And by slowing down in our time with Him, He will be able to show us how.

One thought on “Why walk when you can fly?

  1. Hi MOI
    Yesterday I was doing some house-cleaning on my INBOX and unsubscribed to your Nuggets of Nourishment. Today I was putting together some testimonials from readers of my Right Full Rudder as I get ready to launch a more thorough marketing effort for my book and came across your kind words about my book and your connection with me via the Navy and Dick Taylor. Ah Ha! said I. So… please resubscribe me to your Nuggets. I think there’s more to this connection than I realized. Best and blessings to you. I’d be interested in know more of your story. By now you have probably finished your Navy tour, and are off toward the “unknown.”

    Cheers and anchors away!
    Cell: 610-368-7112


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