Good morning. I want to talk with you. Have a conversation. It takes two parties to have a conversation. By definition a conversation is an exchange – reciprocal giving and receiving.

You used to come and talk to Me in prayer. Now you are learning to let Me talk to you. Next I want us to speak together. To have a conversation. An exchange.

Look at how I interacted with My people in My Word. I had a conversation with Adam and Eve. I spoke with Moses. Face to face. That is what I want with all My children.

Just keep coming. Put yourself in My presence every day and I will teach you. It does take some learning, because you are not used to interacting with Me in this way.

Relationships are built over time. However My love never increases. My provision never increases. My care never increases as we build together. Those are yours in full measure. The only increase is your awareness of them.

When your awareness increases, you will begin to see what is yours for the taking. I’ve opened up my cupboards and have said all these are yours. You need to simply reach out and take them – and use them.

Receive My love, My provision, My care. It’s not a formula. Just come to Me and let it unfold.

You’re struggling this morning because you’re looking for a product to come out of this time. A blog-worthy entry.

Your blog is an overflow, a benefit of when you are filled with Me, I will overflow and spill out to others.

The glass I will fill for you, I will fill it completely, just for you. I won’t take from what is in your glass to give to others. I will pour in more so it overflows into blessings for all around.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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