Not an Interruption

Good morning. Yes you can still hear Me even when someone else is in the room. Just listen. Don’t strive. Don’t strain. Just listen.

You will need to reconcile with your husband. Don’t let this argument fester.

When you are worried you won’t hear My voice, or afraid you’ll “miss it” – or even worse – “mess it up” – remember what I told you yesterday. I will teach you. And you will learn. Your only job is to keep coming to Me and keep listening.

If you catch yourself striving or “trying” to hear Me, or if you notice you are starting to construct sentences on your own, just pause and look to Me. I am always here and I will turn your —

(At this moment my mind wandered to the conflict with my husband, and mentally decided to just ‘confess’ I was wrong to put an end to it.)

— This is not an interruption. If you pretend to reconcile with him just to get it over with, there won’t be reconciliation at all. It will leave a small piece behind in you. A piece that has weight to it.

It is like a magnet, that will then attract other pieces like itself, and they will build and weigh you down and begin to pull you away from Me.

Real reconciliation removes those pieces instantly and the weight will be lifted. You may not immediately feel the weight of one or two pieces, but if you let them build —

(this is where I stopped listening and began to try and come up with an analogy to express that sentiment)

— you don’t need a new analogy. You don’t need something different. Cease striving. Just go back to listening.

You may not immediately feel the weight of one or two pieces, but if you let them build they will weigh you down.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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