Trust = Rest

Trust Me and “use up your strength.” Trust Me that I will provide more. Just like the manna I gave My children in the desert rotted if they saved some for later (kept some gas in the tank).

If Moses started his time on the mountain sitting down, that would no longer be a place of rest when he needed it. When his legs got tired, I provided a seat. When he could no longer hold up his arms for the work I had called him to, I provided friends to hold them up for him until the work was finished.

Trust Me to refresh you. I will give you everything you need for your enjoyment. And I will give you rest.

I modeled it in creation. In the foundation of all things I built in rest.

I never need to rest, because even while I work I am at rest. And I neither slumber nor sleep. No, that was just for you, for my people. I made you to need rest. Another way to put yourself in My care and trust Me completely.

You don’t spend your day wondering if your heart will keep beating, or if your organs will do their part, if your blood will continue to flow through your veins. How often do you think about this aspect of your being? You simply have faith – assurance of things hoped for – conviction of things not seen.

And because you have faith your body will continue functioning as it was designed to, it brings you peace. You don’t need to think about it. And you can freely go about your day carrying on with the work I have called you to.

When something in your body isn’t working correctly, I send a signal there in the form of pain, which alerts you to pay attention so you can do something about it.

There are people who do worry about the functioning of their body. And it robs them of peace. And yet their blood still flows and organs still work. The only difference between the two is their experience – and which one has peace.

That peace allows them to move forward and step out into the work I have for them. The other doesn’t progress because they are hampered by their perception, not their reality.

1 Timothy 6:17, Exodus 17: 8-13

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