Good is Enough

Good morning daughter. Yes, I’m still here. I’m always here. For you. For all my children. Life is not a soap opera I’ve written for My amusement. I haven’t written a script for shock value or with dangling endings that keep you guessing and in suspense while you wait for the reveal in the next episode.

The story I wrote is the story of creation. And it was very good. My story is the story of Eden. And humanity wrote it’s own story with that first choice – the choice to eat the one fruit I forbid, while surrounded by every other kind of fruit in creation I offered.

My “nos” are not meant to deprive you of anything good. My definition of “good” is not the same as yours. Look it up in the dictionary and see what it says:

suitable * fit * adequate * satisfactory

Good = adequate = sufficient.

What I provided was enough. It was enough. I was enough. I am still enough.

A glass that is filled to the top – that is a full glass. It has all it needs. Any more added is wasted and just spills out over the edge. My “good” is enough. It’s adequate. It’s all you need. It is the glass filled to the top.

These words have lost their meaning in your search for more. Your desire for more isn’t adding any benefit to the glass that is already full. If you attempt to add what you think is good to your glass, what you think you need in addition to what I’ve given you, it will begin to dilute it. Little drips that are added won’t be noticed at first…

Let Me be enough for you. Let what I’ve given you be enough. Because what I give you is good. It is very good.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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