I asked – again. And guess what? He answered – again!

Gotta love the hubby for keepin’ it real with me. He told me this morning he’s only been reading my “short” posts that arrive in his inbox. If it’s too long, he moves on to something else.

Of course I entered into a state of complete shock, because every word I write is worthy of the world’s undivided time and attention. Sheesh. Doesn’t he know that?

So I stewed. Partly in rejection, partly in discouragement. Because what I’ve been hearing in my time with God has felt like one continuous thought that keeps building on itself. How in the world would I ever be able to take what I’m writing and make it manageable, while still keeping the continuity of what I’m hearing Him say to me?

I heard the Lord gently remind me of my very last post, the one where He told me to, “Ask Him.” So I did.

He mentally walked me through the Bible, and laid it out for me from start to finish. It was filled with different books, chapters, verses, headings, etc. It was broken down into manageable chunks so we can actually digest what He’s written. And those markers don’t take anything away from the continuity of the story.

Again, the simplicity of how God relates to us is blowing me away. Thank you Lord!

Here comes my second apology to your inbox. Please make guilt-free use of the unsubscribe button as I shorten my text but increase my volume. I believe God wants me to put these times with Him out on the internet. For now that means a stop in your inbox while on it’s way to the WWW.

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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