Q: Why didn’t You tell me? A: You didn’t ask.

My encounters with the Lord of late have been filled with “🤦‍♀️ D’oh” moments. The simplicity He keeps bringing me back to shows me how much I unnecessarily complicate My communication with Him.

During the Great Kitchen Clean-Up of 2020, I held a mysterious lid to a travel mug in my hands for quite some time, turning it over and over, trying to figure out which mug it belonged to. I finally made the decision to toss it, assuming it didn’t have a mate or I would have recalled it. (I am very attached to my mugs, but that is a discussion for another post – or therapy session.)

The following week I reached for a travel mug and found the new one I forgot all about purchasing. Ya know, the one who’s lid I had just thrown out.

As I stood there, lid-less travel mug in hand, I actually found myself getting a little miffed at God. After all, He had been speaking soo much to me lately. With all of His Omni’s – you’d think the least He could do was to drop a reminder in my mind that I did indeed still have the matching mug.

When my emotions got the best of me, I blurted out, “God! Why didn’t you tell me I had the mug?!?”

His response was swift and clear as day, “Because you didn’t ask Me.”

I literally doubled over in laughter standing at the sink. My family must have thought I’d gone insane, laughing like that with no one else in the room (well, no one visible that is).

Ask, and we really shall receive. D’oh!

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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