All Things Are Yours

A book I’m reading published in 1892 had a single line in bold – ALL THINGS ARE YOURS.

Seeing it stand alone like that caused me to stop and consider the meaning. Could it really be true? ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. Could it really be that simple? ALL THINGS ARE YOURS.

Wanting to dig further led me to a Google search of those words. What I found blew me away. Yes, it’s really true. And yes, it’s really that simple. Google said so. ha

My search took me to a commencement speech by John Piper back in 2013. Copywrite prevents me from pasting the text here, but with one magic click of your mouse you can listen below or READ HERE how ALL THINGS REALLY ARE YOURS!!!

MAY 17, 2013
All Things Are Yours
Bethlehem College and Seminary Commencement
Minneapolis, MN
Resource by John Piper
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:21–23  

What say you? I'd really like to know!

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