WWJD – it’s the wrong question

The first ending of my previous post Even Jesus made His bed was “WWJD? – now you know.”

The intent of my blog is not to ruffle feathers. I would much rather give you tips on how to style those feathers into a decoration for your home.

But this is important enough that I’m going to risk it. So take off your flip-flops and put on your shoes (ya know, ’cause I’m about to step on some toes…)

The phrase “WWJD” – ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ seems so innocent. How could anyone have a problem with it?

Like I said in my title, it’s the wrong question. And if the question is wrong, how could we possibly come up with the right answer?

WWJD leads us to ponder how ‘the perfect God-in-human-form’ would respond when faced with a difficult situation. We are left to ourselves to figure out what God would do in the same situation.

Lets take a quick peek at history to see how that turned out…

  • Witch trials
  • Crusades
  • Indulgences

Not had your “ah-ha!” moment yet? This is what we really look like when we try to figure out what the right thing to do:

Hilarious. Also ridiculous. But to me, it sums up the essence of WWJD when you really think about it. We could be lead to the same laudable conclusions trying to figure out what Jesus would do. There’s nothing but our own human logic to guide us.

But what if we changed the question by one letter? Replace the W with D. The question now becomes, “What Did Jesus Do?”

That’s a whole new ball game. If we are wondering what Jesus did, we simply go to the Bible and find out. Our plumb line become the very Words of God, not our flawed human logic.

No need to throw out all your kids WWJD bracelets.  Just grab a sharpie and get editing!


What say you? I'd really like to know!

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