Feed My sheep – or birds

Working from home has its fair share of perks. Jammies all day and a fully stocked ‘breakroom’ are just a few – not to mention the commute.

But one of my favorite things is having my desk near the window which overlooks my backyard. The view is spectacular. We sit on a hill and overlook our community.

We also have a variety of bird feeders, which draws in quite a diverse crowd. Add in a bird bath and voila! Birdie paradise for all.

Putting things off is an art form of mine. Continue reading

Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How

I think that about covers it. Don’t you?

Recently I have been impacted by three books, each answering one or more of those questions. Two of the authors I know personally, giving me the benefit of seeing behind the curtain. I promise you, what is written on the pages is on display in real life.

My hope is to whet your appetite, so you can grab these books for yourself and be nourished as I have been.

Who – The Who is Continue reading

WWJD – it’s the wrong question

The first ending of my previous post Even Jesus made His bed was “WWJD? – now you know.”

The intent of my blog is not to ruffle feathers. I would much rather give you tips on how to style those feathers into a decoration for your home.

But this is important enough that I’m going to risk it. So take off your flip-flops and put on your shoes (ya know, ’cause I’m about to step on some toes…) Continue reading

Even Jesus made His bed

Hello readers.  I know you come to this blog because of my deep spiritual insights (not that I would ever say that about myself, but it is widely known around the world that others say that about me).

I had yet another life-altering revelation this morning as I was reading the Word of God. You may need to sit down for this one, as the power of the truth behind what I saw might knock you off your feet. Continue reading

Christmas Cards – in April!

April 25 seems like a good time as any to take down last year’s Christmas cards. And an even better time to blog about them! (Come on – I know I’m not the only one who still has them hanging up somewhere in the house…)

If I can blog about Christmas on the fourth of July, why not on in April too? Ahhh, the glory of being master of my own little universe…

Before you either take your cards down (ahem) or finally tuck them away, I have three suggestions that can spark some new life into those lovely greetings of the season. Continue reading


I love a good play on words.  I am my father’s daughter after all.

Normally word plays make me chuckle.  But this one caught me by surprise and got me thinking… Continue reading

Moving Sidewalks

I love the moving sidewalks at the airport.  Not only do I zip to my destination, but I have this sense of superiority as I blow past the people walking in the same direction I am.  “Eat my dust suckers!”  (Yeah, I know, real mature.)

But I really do wonder why they would choose to walk using just their own strength, when there is a greater source of power right there for them to access?

Hmmmm, sounds like an analogy is coming… Continue reading