Harmony in all of it.

Good morning My love. Yes, you are My love. As are all My children. They are My loves. My great loves. I created them to love them. It was out of the love I shared with Myself in the trinity that bore the desire to create a world and fill it with people who were made in Our image – male and female. I wanted to have constant fellowship with them, and them with each other.

Yes, I do mean constant. In the story of creation, I “show up” in the narrative walking in the cool of the day to speak with Adam and Eve. You can be with your husband in the kitchen, each peacefully prepping one part of the meal yet not speaking. But you are still together, and it is still fellowship.

I intend to be with My people when they are speaking with Me directly, and when they are walking out the call and plans I have for them. So constant fellowship is indeed the word I meant to say to you. Continue reading


Good morning. I want to talk with you. Have a conversation. It takes two parties to have a conversation. By definition a conversation is an exchange – reciprocal giving and receiving.

You used to come and talk to Me in prayer. Now you are learning to let Me talk to you. Next I want us to speak together. To have a conversation. An exchange.

Look at how I interacted with My people in My Word. I had a conversation with Adam and Eve. I spoke with Moses. Face to face. That is what I want with all My children. Continue reading

Of First Importance

For years, when I heard the phrase “Of First Importance,” my immediate thought that followed was, “That Christ died for our sins.” Period. The end of what was most important to remember. After all, that is what 1 Corinthians 15:3 says:

“For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures,

What I didn’t notice before was the comma at the end of that verse. It wasn’t a period. Paul hadn’t concluded his thought as to what was of first importance. He had more to say. So I read on, and for the first time I saw the entirety of what Paul wanted us to keep first in our minds: Continue reading

Good is Enough

Good morning daughter. Yes, I’m still here. I’m always here. For you. For all my children. Life is not a soap opera I’ve written for My amusement. I haven’t written a script for shock value or with dangling endings that keep you guessing and in suspense while you wait for the reveal in the next episode.

The story I wrote is the story of creation. And it was very good. My story is the story of Eden. And humanity wrote it’s own story with that first choice – the choice to eat the one fruit I forbid, while surrounded by every other kind of fruit in creation I offered.

My “nos” are not meant to deprive you of anything good. My definition of “good” is not the same as yours. Look it up in the dictionary and see what it says: Continue reading

Trust = Rest

Trust Me and “use up your strength.” Trust Me that I will provide more. Just like the manna I gave My children in the desert rotted if they saved some for later (kept some gas in the tank).

If Moses started his time on the mountain sitting down, that would no longer be a place of rest when he needed it. When his legs got tired, I provided a seat. When he could no longer hold up his arms for the work I had called him to, I provided friends to hold them up for him until the work was finished.

Trust Me to refresh you. I will give you everything you need for your enjoyment. And I will give you rest.

I modeled it in creation. In the foundation of all things I built in rest. Continue reading

Not an Interruption

Good morning. Yes you can still hear Me even when someone else is in the room. Just listen. Don’t strive. Don’t strain. Just listen.

You will need to reconcile with your husband. Don’t let this argument fester.

When you are worried you won’t hear My voice, or afraid you’ll “miss it” – or even worse – “mess it up” – remember what I told you yesterday. I will teach you. And you will learn. Your only job is to keep coming to Me and keep listening.

If you catch yourself striving or “trying” to hear Me, or if you notice you are starting to construct sentences on your own, just pause and look to Me. I am always here and I will turn your —

(At this moment my mind wandered to the conflict with my husband, and mentally decided to just ‘confess’ I was wrong to put an end to it.) Continue reading

Apologies to you inbox

Hi Nugget followers! I am sorry for the onslaught that is about to hit your inbox. God has been speaking all week and I have been listening, but not writing.

When I sat at my computer to write the “one” from last week, I opened my journal and was in shock at the volume of He had given me. And fresh conviction of the call I feel to put these times with Him on “paper” and put it out into the world for Him to use as He wills.

I will endeavor to post as they come, rather than all at once like I’m about to do today.

So hang on folks, ’cause I’m about to hit “send”…

Why walk when you can fly?

Watched a large crow outside my window, walking along the narrow brick ledge about a foot off the ground. His walking was slow and seemed quite cumbersome. I wondered why would he choose to walk so far when he could just fly to his destination in a flash.

As I was thinking about all the time this silly bird was wasting, I saw him hop off the ledge and walk under a nearby bush. He emerged with a mouth full of food.

And that’s when it hit me. He never would have seen that food from the air. He needed to slow down to notice what he would otherwise miss. Continue reading

Don’t study Me, be with Me

Good morning. I’m glad you heard Me remind you again to just come. Don’t study Me – be with Me – and let Me be with you.

Your time with Me is not just for you to be filled/fueled up to start your day. I don’t want to be a gas station where you come whenever your tank is low and drive off after you’re full. I want a relationship with you. When you remain in Me, you are connected to a constant source of supply.

When you open your Bible, don’t read it as a book about Me. Don’t open it to study Me. This is a book full of life. My life. There is life in these words because I am the Word. It is living and active. Come to My Word to be with Me, to be anchored in who I am. In heaven you won’t need a written copy of My word. Because My word will be fully realized in you. Continue reading

Why do you wash your hands? 🤦‍♀️

Ever have God show you something so simple yet utterly life-changing at the same time? Read on to experience my D’oh that turned into an Ahhhhh!

I had a picture in my mind of a person approaching the kitchen sink with their hands covered in dirt. Then I saw them wash their hands and once they were clean, right away they went back to work using their hands.

Then God showed me the person didn’t dwell on the dirt that used to be on their hands. They simply took their clean hands and started using them again.

The image was so clear of the reason why we wash our hands – so they can be clean and are ready to be used right away. And the ridiculousness of focusing on the dirt that is no longer there.

Message received Lord. Don’t spend time dwelling on the sin that is no longer there. Take your clean hands and put them to work!